ArmorLube: Ultra-hard Dry Lubrication Coating Especially for Firearms

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The ultra hard permanent dry lubrication coating

Originally, a Duralar subsidiary developed ArmorLube for the US ARMY to increase the capability and reliability of soldier weapon systems. ArmorLube is a unique and advanced, ultra-hard coating that also provides permanent dry lubrication. It can serve a range of applications to enhance the capabilities and extend the longevity of products, but it is particularly well suited to a broad spectrum of uses in the firearms industry. ArmorLube can improve the performance of hammers, trigger assemblies, bolts, bolt carriers, slides, levers, magazines and numerous other parts in handguns, shotguns and rifles, including semiautomatic and automatic models.

Duralar’s ArmorLube can improve the performance of many types of parts and assemblies that involve the repeated sliding of metal against metal. The coating is created from a proprietary carbon-based formula, with the carbon component providing a natural graphitic lubricity and an extremely low coefficient of friction — less than 0.1. This added lubricity significantly increases the parts’ ability to move smoothly and easily with less force.

No liquid lubricants needed

Of special benefit to firearms is the fact that ArmorLube gives a clean and dry permanent lubrication — eliminating the need for oils or greases which can attract and accumulate dust and dirt and cause fouling and jamming. This coating can extend the life of parts and also extend the periods of optimum operating performance, reducing the need for frequent disassembly and cleaning of firearms.

ArmorLube also provides exceptional hardness, up to 1500 HV, making it highly wear resistant — and making its low-friction performance longer lasting. In addition, this dry lubrication coating is highly corrosion resistant and chemically inert.

Able to coat interior, exterior and 3D surfaces

A further unique advantage for firearms applications is the fact that ArmorLube can be simultaneously applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of metal parts. This coating is deposited by the Duralar™ Emperion™ deposition system using the company’s proprietary DualArmor™ process. This bathes metal parts in a dense plasma, so that all surfaces — interior, exterior and complex 3D shapes — are coated with high uniformity and at a very high rate, without the line-of-sight limitations of spray-type coatings. The high deposition speed also allows ArmorLube coatings to be very thick — up to 15µm, if desired.

The Duralar Emperion deposition system which applies ArmorLube is designed for high throughput in volume-coating environments. The Emperion’s two standard deposition chambers are vertically oriented, each 40 inches by 10 inches in diameter. Custom configurations also may be created for specific user requirements.  The equipment features advanced process control, intuitive operator interface and recipe-driven processes. And by adjusting ArmorLube recipes, this dry lubrication coating can be tailored to specific application requirements. Download Emperion brochure.

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