Advanced Protection Against Corrosion

Corrosion results from a metal atom being oxidized by moisture or corrosive chemicals and losing one or more electrons, which causes the gradual destruction of the metal. And in many industries corrosion is one of the major causes of part failure. For example, in the petroleum industry, the corrosion of metal parts is often accelerated by their exposure to liquid and gaseous corrosives, from strong acids to caustics, often at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Multiple barriers against corrosion

Duralar coatings provide several quite effective mechanisms for blocking corrosion. To begin, the coating is inert and does not react with corrosive chemistries. In addition, Duralar has no porosity or pinholes, thus no entry points for chemical attacks. Finally, Duralar coatings are built from multiple layers, and each one provides an additional barrier against the entry of oxidizing agents.

The net result is an unprecedented level of protection against metal corrosion, exclusively from Duralar.