The Company Behind the Advanced Coatings

Duralar Technologies is a global nanotechnology company that has developed the state-of-the-art Duralar family of ultra-hard coatings. These next-generation products are designed to replace hard chrome plating, thermal spray coatings and many other metal coatings in a broad range of industries, from oil & gas to automotive, from pulp and paper to aerospace.

The company produces the systems used for Duralar coating and continues to develop and extend Duralar core technologies. Duralar provides coatings as a service for small to mid-sized production lots for its customers as well as R&D coatings for potential partners. The company also manufactures Duralar coating systems for our partners.

A history of technological innovation

Duralar Technologies was founded in 2013 by Andrew Tudhope, a Silicon Valley executive and entrepreneur with extensive experience in coating technologies. In 2016, Duralar acquired Sub-One Systems, another hard-coatings equipment company. 

Our Sub-One product group

Sub-One Systems is now a product group within Duralar that builds systems for applying ultra-hard InnerArmor® coatings, primarily on the interior surfaces of parts. Sub-One does not sell standard machines but engineers and manufactures custom systems for purchase by end-user customers. For more information about Sub-One, visit the Sub-One website.