Duralar Performance: Customizable to Match the Application

Duralar coatings are unique in that they are comprised of layers of metal and diamond-based components. This gives them special hardness and toughness that is unprecedented; and the multiple layers also create a more impervious barrier against corrosion and other attacks to the underlying substrate.

Multiple layers enable fine-tuned performance

In addition, multiple layers provide the ability to tailor Duralar performance to a specific application by adjusting the composition and thickness of individual layers. For example, a coating can be made more or less hydrophobic, or tough, or hard, or wear-resistant, or brittle, or adjusted in any number of other ways to enhance the coating’s performance for a particular application.

At our R&D facility we conduct ongoing tests and evaluations of different layer formulations for achieving specific application objectives and to constantly enhance the performance of Duralar coatings.