Advanced Duralar Metal Coating Equipment – To Give You Total Control

Putting a Duralar coating system in your facility

Duralar vacuum coating equipment is designed to go into commercial manufacturing lines to give your products the unprecedented performance benefits of Duralar coating technology — while also saving time and money in your production cycles and giving you maximum control of your coating processes. Duralar Technologies offers a range of deposition systems for the many industries we serve.  These include systems for coating external surfaces, internal surfaces, or both…

Duralar Emperion – internal-and-external coating system

Duralar Emperion

The Emperion™ is designed for high-throughput deposition on the interior and exterior surfaces of metal parts. The system features twin deposition chambers that allow virtually continuous coating and high throughput. While one chamber is processing, the operator can be unloading and reloading the second chamber.

The Emperion employs Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) technology using Duralar’s special “hollow cathode” process called DualArmor™. This creates a high-energy electron field that bathes metal parts in an extremely dense plasma and coats all surfaces — interior, exterior and complex 3D shapes — with high uniformity. This eliminates the unevenness that is typical of line-of-sight, spray-type coatings. The high-intensity plasma also coats parts more rapidly, at rates up to 0.5µm per minute, which can take hours off previous coating process times.

The system’s elegant operational design further streamlines throughput. Twin processing chambers optimize operator efficiency; lightweight, modular, custom-designed fixtures make for faster, easier transfer of parts into and out of the chambers; and special quick-change chamber shields dramatically reduce the need for chamber-cleaning downtime. Plus, next-generation software with intuitive operator interface controls the entire system.

Designed to be compact and economical, this system has an 87 x 110 inch footprint, requires less electrical power than most competitive systems, and needs only a modest amount of chilled water and process gas. This makes it simpler to facilitize and easier to install. And intelligent system design enables the Emperion to deliver greater throughput with fewer operators. The Emperion’s two standard deposition chambers are vertically oriented, each 40 inches by 10 inches in diameter. Custom configurations also may be created for specific users. Download Emperion brochure.

Duralar CS-10 – internal coating system

Duralar CS-10The Duralar CS-10 coating system incorporates InnerArmor™ coating technology originally developed by our Sub-One subsidiary for specialized internal-surface coating. The CS-10 utilizes patented hollow-cathode ion immersion processing, and its flexible design enables it to apply surface enhancements that can be tailored to a range of applications such as industrial pipes and other tubulars. InnerArmor coatings are applied to internal surfaces via plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) which enables the coating of complex interior geometries without the limitations and unevenness of line-of-sight, spray-type coating methods.

The Duralar CS-10 is equipped with vacuum heads with KF100 flanges that provide easy, direct connection to the parts to be coated — enabling the part itself to serve as the deposition chamber. The heads are designed to provide gas delivery and evacuation as well as anode housing. The CS-10 is equipped with a high-power DC power supply and asymmetric bipolar DC pulsing system, eight mass flow controllers and associated valves as well as heaters, pressure gauges, and dry pump with booster controlled by a PLC and intuitive HMI with recipe control and remote data logging.

Duralar Centurion – external coating system

The Duralar Centurion deposition machine is a versatile and powerful hybrid design that provides advanced coating with both PVD and PECVD processes. This system is configured for productive, cost-efficient industrial batch coating and is designed to provide high-volume production for medium/small size pieces, or lower-volume high-mix pieces.

Parts to be coated have independent bias control and are rotated in a planetary motion for optimized uniformity. The chamber is fully equipped with heaters, turbo pumps, a dry roughing pump, and mass flow controllers including a delivery system for the liquid molecular diamond precursor. All hardware is controlled through an advanced PLC (programmable logic controller) and an intuitive HMI (human machine interface). Processes are recipe-automated and can be easily transferred from the Duralar R&D center to customer sites.