Duralar Coatings Are Eco-Friendly

Certain metal coating processes such as chrome plating can pose serious threats to the environment and to human health. Chromium-6 has been classified as a likely carcinogen, and its release into the air, soil or water supplies can have extremely negative consequences. And because of this, regulations have been enacted and are being tightened around the world to control the offending processes.

As a result, many industries are finding it more problematic — and more expensive — to use coatings such as hard chrome. They have been searching for new hard coatings that are affordable and that perform as well as or better than hard chrome, but that do not harm the environment.

And that’s where Duralar comes in…

Duralar: non-toxic, inert and benign

Fortunately, Duralar coatings are non-toxic, inert and benign; and Duralar coating processes pose no human hazards and generate no waste products at all. Simply put: Duralar has eco-friendly coatings that are safe for people and the environment. In today’s world this is important — for our future and our children’s future, it’s critical.