Duralar's Continuous Throughput Systems for Ultra-High Volume Hard Coating

Coating especially for high volume product manufacturers — hard chrome replacement with increased performance and unbeatable cost efficiency

The Duralar Quantus™ Series is a unique continuous-operation platform of coating tools specifically designed to go into very high volume manufacturing environments, with throughputs from 0.5 million to multiple millions of parts to be coated annually.

This new family of systems provides an attractive, cost-effective alternative for high-volume applications that are currently using hard chrome, DLC, chromium nitride, titanium nitride or similar coatings. The high-throughput Quantus Series tools not only reduce coating costs — undercutting the pricing of hard chrome, for example — they also deliver the improved levels of hardness and performance that only Duralar next-generation coatings can provide. Duralar also eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with chrome plating and similar processes.

Faster deposition and non-stop processing

To begin with, Duralar’s advanced coating technologies enable significantly faster deposition rates. In addition, the unique continuous-operation design of the Quantus platform accelerates throughput by eliminating all the downtime between coating cycles. This powerful capability literally enables non-stop processing, up to 24/7 if desired.

The modular, uniquely flexible design of the Quantus platform also allows customization of the hardware configuration to utilize different sizes of chambers to accommodate different sizes of products and parts, depending upon the user’s needs.

Duralar’s selection of next-generation ultra-hard coatings

Quantus Series tools can apply your choice of Duralar’s advanced hard coatings — and they can coat both the internal and external surfaces of parts. Duralar coatings deliver exceptional toughness and strength and can be designed to maximize specific performance qualities such as hardness, wear-resistance, corrosion resistance or erosion resistance. They can provide a durable decorative finish or hardness combined with dry lubrication. These proprietary coatings can be customized and fine-tuned to achieve the specific characteristics that are required for a user’s unique application.

Learn more about high volume hard-coating advantages

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