Duralar Gives More Uniform Coating

Other coating processes such as hard chrome plating and thermal sprays are known for their lack of uniformity. Because electroplating and thermal spraying are both directional processes, their coatings tend to be thicker on corners and edges and thinner on recessed areas. Uneven coating is in fact the main reason both of those processes require follow-up machining to meet dimensional tolerances. And this extra step, of course, can add substantially to production time and expense.

Highly conformal Duralar requires no post-processing

By contrast, one of the advantages of Duralar coating is its uniformity. Duralar is not a sprayed coating, so it does not have the limitations that are usually associated with line-of-sight application. Instead, all of the Duralar coatings provide a uniform coating and are highly conformal, which enables it to coat three-dimensional features. It gives very consistent coverage, even on screw threads and intricately shaped features which can be challenging for other coating methods.

As a result, Duralar can achieve very precise dimensional tolerances without the need for post-processing — saving you time and money and streamlining your processes.