Duralar Hard Coatings Provide a New Level of Wear Resistance

Each year the problem of metal wear has cost untold millions of dollars in numerous industries around the world — in loss of efficiency, in disruption and loss of production, in increasing the need for service and parts replacement. “Wear” occurs when one surface rubs against another and removes or deforms the material from one or both surfaces. And when wear changes the size or shape of parts whose dimensions are critical, then those parts or systems will experience problems or failure.

For years hard chrome and thermal spray coatings have been used to give critical surfaces added protection against wear; but now Duralar takes wear-resistant coating to a whole new level…

What gives Duralar its exceptional wear performance

Duralar is unique. It is an advanced and proprietary new nanocomposite containing both metal and diamond components. The metal gives it toughness, the diamond gives it exceptional wear resistance, and the combination is extraordinary. Duralar hard coatings can be much thicker than conventional coatings, and they actually contain clusters of diamond material, giving them significantly greater hardness and wear resistance.

In addition, Duralar also has greater thermal stability than many other coatings. So it is does not degrade and is able to maintain its high performance even at sustained elevated temperatures. Plus, the specific hardness and toughness qualities of a Duralar coating can be fine-tuned by adjusting the formulation of its component layers, allowing it to deliver exceptional sliding wear coating performance for a wide range of applications.